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Analysis: Spanish socialists set to confront EU’s populist right wing (The Independent)

Progressive parties around Europe are pinning their hopes on Spain to confront the populist right in the EU parliament after the Socialist Party (PSOE) prevailed in a “Super Sunday” of polls dominated by domestic division over Catalonia. Although insurgent challenges loom large in Brussels and Barcelona – not least from exiled and jailed Catalan leaders who were elected MEPs – Spain’s Socialist prime minister Pedro Sanchez translated his recent general election success into a hat-trick of overwhelming victories at the European, regional and local levels. In Europe, Mr Sanchez – often seen as Emmanuel Macron’s Mediterranean, market-sceptic counterpart – is set to lead the talks over key institutional roles on behalf of the social-democratic parties after PSOE won 32.8 per cent of the vote, the largest share of any of its continental partners, apart from the Portuguese socialists. “We are going to be the biggest social democrat delegation, and that’s a source of pride for us. It’s